We have a look and feel for our homes and we hardly deviate too much. When it comes to backsplash ideas we typically have 5 that we choose from.

We put together a nice little chart to show you our go-to favorites.

Painted brick is used rarely but when we use brick on the exterior of the home we like to bring it in. And if the fireplace has brick and is the opposite side of the kitchen we like the symmetry of using the the same material to balance the space.

Marble penny tile comes into play when we do a really simple counter top but need a small kitchen or maybe a feature wall to pop. Marble just adds elegance and as a splash you need to worry about it a little less.

Counter top material is easy one – areas where we go a little bit more bold with a counter or maybe doesn’t have a ton of splash space, we like to take the counter material up.

Subway tile is a classic but forever creative option. With varies sizes, colors, pricing – it’s an affordable and efficient way to add color or pattern or play it safe.