We’re thrilled to have a new Construction Manager on our team. Everyone meet, Dave!

He came from the production build space with a lot of fellow colleagues and friends in common. The guy has amazing experience and a great attitude, so we couldn’t resist.

We asked him our standard questions and we think he nailed it.


Tips on building a new house: Perfection is in the details, think through every detail of every room. If you were thinking of adding something later, do it now!

Favorite Winter Park spots: Walking down Park Avenue on a weekend night. Rollins College (that’s where my wife went to school!) I was also born in Winter Park and have lived in the area my entire life!

Best part of working at LunDev:  Being able to be creative each day. Working with a close group of talented people who love doing what they do! It’s not work if you love what you are doing!

Why LunDev? The people, the atmosphere, and the culture!